What You Should Know About Forex Signal Providers

What You Should Know About Forex Signal Providers

What are Forex Signals? How To Find The Best Forex Signal Providers

The forex market is so widespread and extensive that you need to understand it before stepping in. There are so many terms, methods, graphs, charts, procedures, etc.involved. Forex signal providers can be an efficient tool for understanding all of that.

What Are Forex Signals?

Forex signals include exit and entry points on a currency pair that are issued by forex signal providers to their client base. This implies that a robot or human analyst is constantly analysing and monitoring the forex market, seeking tradable setups. The moment the robot or analyst notices that the time is ideal to enter the market, a signal is shared with the follower of the respective provider.

The key idea is that an experienced program or trader does all the labour for you and you are just required to open the forex signal in your trading account and wait for the gains to pour in. Also, the entire process takes place in real-time, so you will receive an email, a message, a Twitter update or an RSS feed, but it is the task of the robot or the analyst to send you the forex signal at the right time.

The primary motive of offering these forex signals to the users is to develop a loyal customer base of forex signal followers. The forex signal providers employ analyst experts, use a robot program, or employ software to extrapolate the correct signals.

Some signal providers charge a fixed fee while others opt for sending the signals for free. They are building a customer base by choosing to charge nothing for the service, and once their free customers start using their signals and earn a profit, chances are they will gain a subscriber to their service for a fixed monthly fee.

Types Of Forex Signals

While some providers focus on longer-term setups, many may be scalping the market. A few may use basic analysis and trade the news, but many pay attention only to technical analysis. Some signal providers analyse the forex market themselves, while others employ completed trading software and algorithms to find the perfect trading opportunity.

In general, forex signals are of two types:

Manual Signals

These are sent by forex signal providers that employ human traders to scrutinise the market. There are various pros to manual signals, as an experienced trader can modify their strategy to adapt to the current market environment.

Automated Signals

Automated signals are analysed by a program or robot, which uses a set of technical rules to seek trading opportunities in the market. The pros of using automated systems are that they do not have emotions and can work throughout the day and night. However, they still do not have the ability to fine-tune their trading rules according to the market environment.

Are Forex Signal Providers Legal?

Just like in any kind of business, there are illegal and legal providers and scammers. It is necessary to understand that, in order to offer investment advice, an individual is required to hold the certificate of a financial advisor. This is why several providers emphasise that their views should only be used for educational purposes and not as investment advice.

There are several companies that hire professional market experts to evaluate the market and prepare the forex signals. However, they usually charge a higher fee.

Lastly, scammers only want to increase their client base without offering valuable trading signals in return. Such signals may work for some time, but as the market environment changes, they may not reap you any benefits. Scammers do not care about losing clients because they are aware that if one disappointed client ends their subscription, another new client will become a subscriber to their service.

Is Using Forex Trading Signals Beneficial?

Apart from profits, there are other aspects listed below due to which traders use forex signal providers to trade the market.

Risk Diversification: If you are trading in other markets such as commodities and equities as well, forex signal providers can offer you a welcoming risk diversification. Currencies usually show a significant correlation with other markets.

Education: If you are new to trading, the signals can be used to learn new things about the market. Have a look at the charts of your signal provider and try to comprehend why they are opening a short or long position on a specific currency pair. If your signal provider also presents market commentary, you can have access to all the important material, and increase your knowledge and gradually become an independent trader.

Time-Saving: Forex trading requires constant education and discipline to be mastered. Why not absorb other traders’ knowledge, pay a monthly fee and stop worrying about studying the market yourself? Forex signals save significant time, provided their analysis is profitable and correct.

How To Find The Best Forex Signal Service Provider

After learning about forex signals and their benefits, you might be considering using their services. However, you must take into account the following tips while selecting from various providers:

Look For Verified Track Records And Profitability

This is the basic characteristic to consider. Usually, all the service providers will claim to be profitable; however, through their track record, you can be certain of their authenticity. Verified track records make sure that all signals that are shared are taken by the service provider itself, which develops trust amongst subscribers.

The profitability of forex signals, like any other forex trade, is measured in pips. Most signal providers upload their monthly profitability on their website, and occasionally add a trade history with the traded equipment, so you must avoid the signal provider that does not have a verified track record.

Check The Signal Provider’s Time Zone

No matter how opportune the trading signal is, it will not affect you if you are sleeping. You will not be able to open trades established on the signals, or you may miss notable profits if you open the signals after a few hours. That is why looking at the time zone as well as the times at which the signals are sent out is highly important before you sign up for a forex signal service.

If you sign up for a trial period, it can help you know the usual times the signals are shared. If you get the signals after midnight, you might not want to consider the services of that signal provider.

Ask For A Trial Period

Since the top-notch forex signal services do not have anything to hide, they will offer free trial periods for promising subscribers who wish to test their signals. If there is a possibility to ask for a trial period, always consider doing so before you pay the monthly subscription fees.

Trial periods are great for several reasons. Not only do they provide a free way to examine the signals, but you can also determine if the format of the trading signals suits your trading style. You can also check if there are additional instruments offered with the signals such as trade commentary and charts, and if the time the trading signals are sent out suits you. These nuances can help you considerably while selecting the perfect provider.

Usually, the trial period lasts from one to two weeks. Yes, this time may seem too short, but it is enough to develop confidence in a provider and its signals.

Do The Trading Signals Suit Your Trading Style?

Another key factor while considering the signals is the style – whether they are long term or short term, if they are based on technical, fundamental or a mix of both, or if they trade intraday breakouts or medium-term price swings. This is because these elements can have a significant impact on the profitability and the success rate of the signals.

Yes, profitability matters, but in the long run, what matters is how your personal trading style and the trading signals align. If you have never been a scalper, you should steer clear of those signal providers that send out tens of short-term signals throughout the day. If you wish to stay away from sitting in front of your trading platform throughout the day, you must go for long-term trading signals.

Long-term signals generally possess a higher rate of success on average, compared to short-term ones. However, it is all about the actual profitability of the signals, and if you are comfortable with the trading style of the provider in the end.

Signal Charts And Analysis

While the most elementary signals are sent out with stop loss, take profit levels, and entry price, the top forex signals include additional material such as market and chart analysis that accompany the signal as well. Traders may feel hesitant to open trades based on signals that do not explain why a specific trade should be opened.

Charts that signal providers send usually display a technical setup with significant support and resistance zones, which determine the take-profit and stop-loss levels. Additionally, a description of the setup that consists of fundamental factors shows that the signal provider does not rely only on technical analysis.

If you want to become a successful and independent forex trader in the future, market commentary and charts will teach you a lot.

Additional Support

Additional support signifies that forex signal providers care about their subscribers. This can include webinars, trading videos, daily or weekly market outlook, and watch lists that consist of a list of currency pairs that the signal provider wants to trade. Usually, the type of support is listed on the signal provider’s website.

Additionally, you must never ignore customer support while picking a signal provider. You must be able to contact them directly through Telegram, e-mail, WhatsApp, or text message.

Compare Forex Signal Providers

Once you have sorted out what you are looking for in the signal provider, the next step is to shortlist and compare their forex signals. A simple Google search shows a list of several websites that rank forex signal providers.

Make a list of your needs from the signal provider, what each of them is offering, and choose the one that fits all your criteria.

Final words

Forex trading signals are crucial for those who are just starting with forex trade as well as those who want to know more about the signals. They can be called as suggestions given by human analysts or automated programs regarding entering or exiting the trade at a specific time.

They significantly affect the profits a trader can make in a particular situation and, therefore, it is important for the trader to choose the right provider amongst hundreds of providers.

You must look at the provider’s verified track records and profitability, their time zone, how the provider’s trading signals align with your trading style and signal charts, analysis, and additional support offered by the provider. This way, you can shortlist the right provider for you. 

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