The Latest Brexit News

The Latest Brexit News

Latest Brexit News: Boris Johnson in Final Push to Make Brexit Deal Happen

Not a single day passes without someone looking to post something on Brexit news because, at the moment, the uncertainty surrounding the UK and the Brexit deal is somewhat of a situation that we would like to see reach a final outcome. The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, has decided to make a final bid to push through Brexit by the 31st October deadline, with growing signs that he will make a new push that will determine whether his deal will pass or not.

Many uncertainties surround Brexit, with situations twisting and turning, leaving people with no clue how things are going to end, even with the diversity of information available to them. Many people have faith in the Brexit deal and how they expect it to help the economy, with some others, not so much. Some steps which have not been taken in a while, including the first time that Parliament has sat on a Saturday since the Falklands War 37 years ago, highlights the importance of the situation at hand. In this article, we will be looking at some of the latest news on Brexit, in a bid to keep us enlightened on how things are going at the moment.

As mandated by the backbench’s Benn Act, Boris Johnson requested a delay to Brexit by sending a letter to Brussels after MPs decided not to support his deal on 19th October. However, if the government decides to force its Brexit deal through Parliament, the UK could still leave the EU by the deadline, which is next Thursday.

Johnson asks for backing to push the bill

Concerning the state of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, as well as his plan to force it through the House of Commons by the end of Thursday, the Prime Minister will ask MPs to back him in order to finally see things through.

Johnson highlighted to MPs: “We have discussed a new deal which allows us to leave without trouble and run a new outline for a new relationship based on friendly cooperation and free trade, he said we might be leaving the EU, but we would never stop being Europeans”.

John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, blocked the plans of the Prime Minister’s plan to hold a meaningful vote on the deal on Monday October 21, saying that it would be disorderly and repetitive to go over the same thing as Saturday’s vote.

But according to information coming from the latest Brexit news, Downing Street is ready for a defeat on the programme motion setting out the schedule, as it expects that some pro-deal Labour MPs, as well as some Conservatives, may not support plans to hasten pushing the Bill through the Commons within days.

Bad News for the Prime Minister

Ken Clarke, the veteran Conservative, said that unless you are prepared to deliberate a more expensive debate, there is no chance to consider a deal that has been attained within the available time. MP Sylvia Hermon, an Independent unionist, highlighted that she would like Boris Johnson to visit Northern Ireland and explain why they are only afforded three days’ consideration of the major changes to them, as well as how this Bill would affect their futures.

Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP’s Chief Whip, highlighted, “I have to say to the Leader of the House that what he is suggesting in terms of analysis of the Bill does not conform to what the constituents that he represents want and need.”

If the motion for the programme falls, then the government has no chance of getting Brexit done by 31st October, as Johnson said. Groups of MPs are likely to try and amend the legislation if the Bill continues its passage, with Labour hoping to push for a Customs Union as well as for a second referendum to be attached.

The Prime Minister has insisted repeatedly that living with a Customs Union is not something he can take, with several Cabinet members sharing his view on the matter as well, including Priti Patel and Dominic Raab. If an amendment such as this is passed, he would be faced with the choice to accept it or make a fresh bid for a general election. 

A Conservative advisor advised that Tory backbenchers and the pro-Brexit Cabinet ministers would not be able to live with a Customs Union attached to the Bill, so this was improbable.

In the latest Brexit news, the aide said the scenario would most likely lead to a fresh push for an election, with Conservative Party headquarters preparing for a pre-Christmas poll whether the Brexit Bill passes or not.

He also recommended that, with an election coming, Boris Johnson could part ways with Dominic Cummings, his chief adviser, who had only planned to stay until the completion of Brexit, with a major operation coming up. Johnson, however, has hit a particularly more calming tone in recent times, stressing his love for Europe, pushing down the censure for the “surrender act”.

The latest Brexit news has also led us to understand that it was suggested by another senior conservative that they were in a strong position regardless of whether or not the Brexit deal would push through in the agreed time. In any case, we are possibly well-placed, Johnson has said. 

This senior Conservative also added that the passing of the Letwin amendment, which happened on Saturday October 18, which suspended support from Johnson’s Brexit deal until legislation is done with Parliament, would allow Johnson to blame MPs for the delay.

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill of 110 pages was published on Monday evening October 21, which confirms that MPs would have the chance to vote on the view of the mandate of the government for the next phase of negotiations.

As announced by the government on Friday to enlighten people on the latest Brexit news, ministers would need to seek the support of Parliament at the departure from the EU standards of workers’ rights. This regulation may alarm some Euro cynics by confirming that the EU law will continue to remain relevant during the transition period, which is due to end in December 2020, and which could even be extended by two years with the approval of Parliament. 

Former Chancellor Philip Hammond, alongside other Conservative MPs, is looking for guarantees that the government will request an extension in the event that a no trade deal has been agreed on in time.

The MPs underlined their concerns about rushing the deal on Monday, when the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, conceded to the MPs on the Treasury Select Committee that he never had it in mind to carry out a detailed economic assessment of the deal, as he claimed that it was obviously in the economic interest of the country.

He was accused by the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell of taking a decision that was detrimental to the interest of the country.

In the latest Brexit news, the claims by the government that the Brexit deal could be properly scrutinised within three days took a big blow as Steve Barclay, Brexit Secretary, highlighted the implication of the Bill for Northern Ireland and that he had not got all necessary details.

He also highlighted in a Lord’s EU committee that the business in Northern Ireland would not have to fill out declarations of customs whenever they want to send goods to the rest of the UK, but with a correction from the Treasury, he highlighted that the exit summary declarations would be needed.

This admission triggered anger from the DUP, with one of the party’s 10 MPs, Gavin Robinson, demanding that Northern Ireland goods would require customs declarations to enter what is supposed to be unregulated access to the rest of their country.

Many are seeking to warn MPs in their party that voting against the programme motion risks ruining the Bill. The Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said that people who do not vote for the motion of the programme would be voting not to have a Brexit deal on 31st October 2019.

Uncertainty on The Deal

It is evident that with all the information coming across with regards to the latest Brexit news, the outcome of whether the Brexit deal will pull through as planned or not is still something we do not know. It is safe to say that some portions of the legislature, as well as the people, want the Brexit deal to pass, while for some others, they feel like this is a step in the wrong direction.

From what we see from Boris Johnson and his tenure as the Prime Minister of the UK, I can say I understand two things:

  1. He has a passion for the country to try and believe that whatever he is doing for the country is not for political reasons but for the benefit of the country. He has a dogged nature towards driving the completion of this Brexit deal as he believes that this is his way of contributing to the development of the country.
  2. He also believes that the EU has certain laws that really rubbish what the country stands for. Most of the time, the EU has stated that the UK is basically against the majority of the agreements passed by the EU, so why would they not consider the move out of the EU?

Many things are still going to happen before, and even on the day of the agreed signing of the Brexit deal, but truth be told, every single day holds something new with regards to the battle of the titans, the UK and the EU. How will things turn out? Nobody knows. As this story has been going on for a while, many have predicted and failed.

For what it’s worth, much of the information provided so far with regards to the latest Brexit news all points to one thing, the end of this long and undeniably awaited deal is not far away anymore.

Bottom Line 

Without  the full understanding of what exactly the Brexit deal holds for the country, it is hard to say that we can come to an agreement as to whether or not this deal will be closed on the set date. With the Prime Minister adamant that things are going as planned and another party adamant not to allow things to go the way he wants, it is clear that the coming weeks will be worth watching.

As we move on, we will get to know how things go with the Brexit deal as well as the Prime Minister’s eagerness to get things done. There is more to come with every passing day, but it is safe to say that the end of October will be a deciding moment when it comes to figuring out how the Brexit deal will go and what is next with regards to the relationship between the EU, the UK, and other involved countries.

The issue with Brexit has reached a climax, with many believing that the end has finally come to the uncertainty that has been boiling around the direction of the deal.

What do you think about the Brexit deal and the outcome it would have on the UK? Do you think that the signing of the Brexit deal is in the best interest of the UK as well as its citizens? Do you believe that there are other reasons why the current Prime Minister is adamant about making this happen, or do you believe that what is going on in the UK is part of a political game for supremacy, with the need to end the intervention of the EU with regards to matters that concern the nation?

Please leave a comment below, telling us what you think about the latest twists and turns that this Brexit deal has taken over the course of a long period of time and how you feel things should be handled from here on in.

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