5 Reliable Sources of Economic News

5 Reliable Sources of Economic News

1. Financial Times

The Financial Times is an English newspaper that has been running since 1888. It has a million readers out of which three quarters are digital readers. The newspaper delivers finance-related news, its website features the daily top stories and highlights regarding business and economics from around the world. The website provides in-depth forex market information to its users. Unregistered users can read up to three articles in a month while registered users have the right to read a maximum of twenty articles every month along with added benefits. Registration is free which makes it one of the most feasible sources of economic news.

2. The Economist

One of the most reliable sources of economic news, The Economist is a digital version of the weekly newspaper with the same name. The newspaper started selling in 1843. The Economist contains a free-market perspective on economics, politics, technology, and business, which makes it highly reliable. The user can browse the website by section, data bank or subject and receive daily emails. The website also features podcast interviews and blogs citing opinions from experts. The user can even listen to the news in an audio version of the paper, all of this is offered for free.

3. Stratfor.com

Stratfor.com was founded in 1995 with a view for providing accurate forecasting in global trends and geopolitical analysis that would help organisations and individuals in seeking clarity in this complicated international environment. Its website user can read news for free on its website but if the user wants a customised advisory service, a subscription fee has to be paid. For those who are keen to know about international security, relations and conflicts, stratford.com is the best choice. It scans several news platforms and provides summarised headlines.

4. New Internationalist

Predominantly known as a bimonthly magazine, New Internationalist is the largest one-of-its-kind magazine. It caters to people who are interested in global social justice, as the focus of this magazine is on world poverty, inequality and other social issues. This is probably why this setup has a non-hierarchical structure and every operative is one of the owners. The website provides an option for subscribing to their eNews. The subscriber receives an e-mail every two weeks about the global injustice occurrences. The website and the magazine feature stories of refugees, child labour, poverty, developmental issues, etc. Their online portal can be accessed for free.

5. refdesk.com

This is probably one of the largest sources of economic news as well as other genres of news like social, political and general. refdesk.com provides the option to choose from all the U.S.A’s states, major categorised countries and renowned international newspapers. Once the user selects the state or the country, a list of all the popular newspapers is displayed. After the user selects the desirable newspaper, a link is directed to its official website. Using refdesk.com is free of cost and extremely easy.

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